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The role of eGovernment services is to connect people and government as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The fundamental purpose of this connection is to make a real difference to people’s lives, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society.

eGovernment is part of a broader service objective for government, constantly evolving as technology changes, but always aimed at improved social outcomes. Improvements are driven by social innovation, social governance and social equity.

Social innovation takes advantage of opportunities created by technology advances, public sector information (PSI) and social change. As a leader in social innovation Government must always ask ‘What does the future of eGovernment look like?’, ‘Which social trends should be leveraged to meet future service delivery challenges?’, ‘How can technology be best used to improve the digital and physical delivery of government services?’ or ‘What can be done to improve the system which the government and the public service operate, so that it is world’s best?’

Social governance is Government considering more effective and sustainable ways of addressing the fiscal and regulatory challenges associated with delivering better community service outcomes. These include building efficiencies and savings within the system to improve the effectiveness and value-for-money of Commonwealth expenditure.

Social equity involves Government putting in place checks and balances, and allocating resources where they are needed most, to ensure people have equal access to government services and also that the digitization of these services does not create social disadvantage for those people who do not have, or do not use the Internet.

The values, principles and priorities underpinning these imperatives are best defined by the term SOCIAL GOVERNMENT.

SOCIAL GOVERNMENT is a fundamental shift away from the old service culture and models of the Industrial Age, to new ideas and technologies designed to deliver better service outcomes to Australians. It is a contemporary term that draws on the emergence of social media and social business, and using technology to improve levels of social empowerment and enablement.

The focus of this improvement is on people rather than on technology or big data. Social government focuses on the beneficiary first, rather than on the program; on the individual first, rather than on the cohort. It seeks to empower more people – especially the most vulnerable - to build their capacities as citizens, to shape, ‘self-help’ and ‘access’ their lives and to expand their choices, while preserving their personal privacy.

Social government involves making eGovernment services ‘sticky’ – that is, increasing and retaining the number of people who choose to use and stay in the digital services channel, even when it comes to problem-solving.

Social government aims to better connect people and government. This new collaboration between government and people will see a shift in government policy at a personal level to deliver not only personalised services but also personalised benefits for Australians. In this way, people are able to reaffirm their individuality.

Opportunities for greater collaboration also exist between government agencies, and between government and ‘outcome brokers’. Achieving the right interplay and risk-reward ratios within these collaborations are fundamental to effective social government.

Finally, social government is about leading, promoting and advocating the improvement of human services in Australia, and ensuring current and new delivery modes work to the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

Social government represents the next phase of eGovernment service provision and support.


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Connect to your customers.

Service providers are constantly chasing updated information on their customers. Customers are sick of filling out forms for service provider after service provider. HubCare connects your customers to you and other shared services, so that your service has access to the latest information about a customer. Customer information is authenticated with Government, other services or other parties. You can speak to your customers in a language relevant to their life and provide improved efficiencies and productivity for your organisation.


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  1. Own your identity
  2. Connect your world
  3. Love your outcomes

Information ownership is the basic right of all people. HubCare enables citizens to connect with government and all types of services across Australia. Citizens are in the drivers seat.

HubCare provides citizens with a place for critical information that can make their day more efficient, productive and satisfying. Citizens are the hub. Not a building or a construct you visit. It is them. Citizens can interact with services across borders and states, services and organisations, family and friends. The hub exists, no matter where they are.

Citizens control and update their information. Information about them is owned by them, the rightful owner. Their vault is chosen by themselves and their information is powered up and down from their vault. It is like choosing a bank or a sporting club, it is their life, their choice. Citizens can invite other people and organisations to share in their life providing bidirectional information flow for faster outcomes for them.

It works like this.

Citizens sign up and create their identity. Their identity is authenticated by multiple parties, including Government, Services and other people. Once authenticated, they can build their profile. Their profile connects to government and organisations to provides them with services and help they need. Citizens invite services to participate in their world. Citizens start interacting.

All information to and from any connected service or government about the citizen, is stored and owned by the citizen, in their vault. They can power up to interact and receive services, or power down to say goodnight. When powered down, their information is fragmented across multiple vaults so that it is not all in one place. This way it is controlled by them and unable to be utilised by anyone else during their power down. When they are powered up, they get to choose how they interact with the world.

This is their life, and their own your story. They own it and can pass it down through history to their children.

HubCare provides a unique and holistic service system for sharing information across Social Service ecosystems, leading to improved outcomes for citizen engagement, increased productivity, compliance for services and improved government oversight.

HubCare authenticates identity for citizen/government transactions which is transferrable across the four stages of life – Early Childhood, Youth, Working Life and Aged. HubCare facilitates efficiencies for the 6 core pillars of social services – Health, Welfare, Family Support, Community Support, Education/Participation and Workforce Participation. HubCare supplies service to providers and citizens where assistance is needed for digital engagement.

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